• Internet and Email Monitoring Services for Your Business

    Our Internet \ Email scanning and monitoring services is hosted is on the web and captures threats before they are on your computers reducing the impact to your business.
  • Remote Help Desk Services

    ADDO Technologies provides remote I.T. help desk support for you and your staff.  These services are cost shared through the membership which eliminates your need for an I.T. help desk team and reduces your I.T. support costs.
  • PC and Server Backups

    Cloud based backup solutions provide off-site backups for your data and system files and are scheduled for automated backups.  By backing up to the cloud, your are secure from losing important information no matter what happens to your equipment or digital information.
  • Secure Mobile Device Managment Services

    Mobile Device Management (MDM) Services provides remote access support to all phones and tables. Automate app downloads, restrict app access, access device location and many other device management services.

Membership Has Its Privileges


ADDO Technologies Introduces NEW Membership Co-op Service Model

  • ADDO Technologies new I.T. Services business model is based on a Co-op membership pricing structure.

  • Monthly membership dues are paid each month to support enterprise I.T. infrastructure and resources.

  • Information Technology costs are distributed across client base reducing individual client fees while providing maximum I.T. services.

  • See About Co-Op Membership for more information


What Are You Waiting For? Join ADDO Technologies Managed Services Co-Op TODAY!

We want to be your information technology service provider

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